Seattle Bicycle Accident Attorney

Rainier Bike Law is a law firm advocating for injured cyclists. If you have been involved in a bicycle collision with a driver, bicyclist or pedestrian, you don’t want an inexperienced personal injury lawyer, and you certainly don’t want an attorney who dabbles in all kinds of accident law. You need an experienced cyclist to represent you in your bicycle personal injury case. Many attorneys claim to focus on representing injured cyclists, but I not only know bicycle law, I am an avid cyclist like you.

Regardless of whether your injuries are minor or severe, I am the best resource to ensure your rights. I bring experience, knowledge and personalized attention to each and every one of my clients. And you can trust that I will do an excellent job representing you. I am rated as a "Suberb" attorney on, which rated my abilities as "Superior" based on objective criteria and reviews.

Cycling in Seattle is a big deal. According to the Seattle Department of Transportation, around 36 percent of the city’s 520,000 residents regularly ride bikes and up to 8,000 residents are regular bike commuters. But riding in traffic can be tough. While the number of cyclists riding in Washington is growing exponentially (especially in Seattle), the number of aggressive and inattentive drivers is growing as well. Drivers are more distracted than ever with texting, talking on the phone and hurrying to get to their destination. Watching out for cyclists seems to be a low priority.

Whether you have been doored, right-hooked, left-hooked, rear-ended or just plain cut off, I'm on your side and will fight for you. As an avid bike commuter, utility cyclist and recreational group rider, I know what arguments to make to prove liability for your case. Most of the time drivers claim they didn’t see the cyclist, but not seeing a cyclist who is there to be seen is not an excuse. The driver is still liable. If you did not come into contact with the vehicle but you had to swerve to avoid a driver who cut you off, the driver is still liable. If your attorney doesn't ride a bike, he or she may not know what arguments to make to prove liability for your case. Hiring an expert in Washington cycling laws is vital to proving your case and maximizing the value of your recovery.

<.p style="padding-bottom: 10px">If you have been in a bicycle accident, give me a call or send me an email for a free consultation. We can talk about the facts of the collision and I can provide you with guidance on whether you would benefit from representation or not. I am available to talk and I do not charge a fee unless I recover for your case.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

You can call or email me for a free consultation with no strings attached. You can ask me about your mounting medical bills, time lost from work, insurance company hassles, loss of transportation, etc. I will help you determine if you would benefit from hiring a lawyer or if you should handle your personal injury claim on your own. You not only have your injuries to think about, you also have your legal rights to consider and I can help demystify the legal process for you.
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Do I Have A Case?

Bicyclists are often blamed for causing collisions even when they are obeying the rules of the road. Learn about what factors are important in evaluating fault for your bicycle accident case in Washington. Whether you were cut off, doored, run off the road or rear-ended, I can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case with you. If you don't have a case, or if you can handle it on your own, I can help you figure that out, too.

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What's My Case Worth?

There are a number of factors that the insurance companies look at in evaluating your case: your injuries, whether you were hospitalized, if you need (or will need) surgery, if there are permanent injuries or scarring, if you missed work, who was at fault and insurance coverage details. Hiring an attorney who rides will help maximize your recovery for medical bills, new equipment, lost income and pain and suffering.
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How Much Does It Cost?

I work on a contingency fee basis. This means my fee comes from the money I recover for you. You are not "charged" every time you want to call or email your attorney and I encourage frequent contact so I can better represent you. Having me on your side from the beginning of your case lets you focus on recovering from your injuries, knowing that every aspect of your bike accident is being handled by a professional, knowledgeable, compassionate attorney who has your best interest in mind.

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