As a bike attorney, my goal is to help riders who are injured by negligent drivers. Although there are a lot of attorneys who represent drivers, that is not what I do. I started representing injured bikers years ago because it was the best way to fuse my passion for riding with my desire to help people. In 2008, I had the unfortunate experience to learn first-hand what it feels like to be injured by a negligent driver. One dark evening while bike commuting home from work, I was rear-ended by a driver on a busy arterial. The driver hit me so hard I went over the top of the car, still clipped into my bike pedals. The driver fled the scene, leaving me bleeding on the pavement. My injuries were serious and my recovery was prolonged, but the legal process of resolving my own case was even rougher. After my insurance company initially denied coverage, I pursued litigation in federal court. Through much hard work, I finally received full value for my case. Although the experience was life-changing, I now have the advantage of seeing each case through the lens of a bike lawyer and as the victim of a negligent driver. This makes me understand and appreciate my clients' struggles even more.

One of the most frustrating things about being a bike lawyer is hearing the negligent driver blame the rider:
• The cyclist came out of nowhere.
• I didn't see the rider.
• The rider should have been riding somewhere else on the road.
• The rider hit me, I didn’t hit her.
• The cyclist was riding too fast.

These excuses for inattention are just that, excuses. We are already vulnerable users on the roadway. The last thing we need to hear is an inattentive motorist blaming a rider. In my experience, many drivers spend time "reflecting" on the cause of the collision before the police arrive at the scene while the rider is receiving medical attention from innocent bystanders or medics. One of the most difficult things to read is a one-sided police report that blames the rider. We deserve better from motorists and the police, but we are not without options. My job is to help injured riders explore options for holding inattentive motorists accountable for their actions.

I have been a bike commuter, bike messenger, bike racer, family cyclist and utility cyclist in Seattle for over twenty-five years. While logging thousands of hours in the saddle does make me somewhat biased against drivers, it also provides me with insight that is unique and time-tested. My experience as a cyclist is what makes me such a tenacious advocate for my clients and also such a compassionate counselor.

In essence, I represent injured cyclists because I care about my tribe. Although I also represent riders who are injured by other riders and pedestrians, the majority of my clients are injured by negligent motorists. If you are the victim of the negligence of another person, you can rest assured that I will do everything in my power to fight for your rights.

While I am a tenacious advocate, I also take great pride in being a trusted counselor. The reason I refer to myself as a counselor is because I recognize that litigation can be scary and stressful. Words like lawsuit, deposition and interrogatory can be intimidating, so my focus is always on explaining the litigation process in simple terms and making sure my client's questions are answered in full detail. My job is to take care of all of the legal aspects of the case so my client can focus on telling his or her story in a way that is meaningful and adds value to the case. I also firmly believe in treating my clients like people, not like cases. This means being available to answer questions, explain relevant legal principles, provide case updates and ensure that any needs are being attended to. My clients can expect to have frequent and meaningful contact with me throughout the entire course of representation because I not only care about their cases, I care about them as unique and amazing individuals.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

You can call or email me for a free consultation with no strings attached. You can ask me about your mounting medical bills, time lost from work, insurance company hassles, loss of transportation, etc. I will help you determine if you would benefit from hiring a lawyer or if you should handle your personal injury claim on your own. You not only have your injuries to think about, you also have your legal rights to consider and I can help demystify the legal process for you.
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Do I Have A Case?

Bicyclists are often blamed for causing collisions even when they are obeying the rules of the road. Learn about what factors are important in evaluating fault for your bicycle accident case in Washington. Whether you were cut off, doored, run off the road or rear-ended, I can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case with you. If you don't have a case, or if you can handle it on your own, I can help you figure that out, too.

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What's My Case Worth?

There are a number of factors that the insurance companies look at in evaluating your case: your injuries, whether you were hospitalized, if you need (or will need) surgery, if there are permanent injuries or scarring, if you missed work, who was at fault and insurance coverage details. Hiring an attorney who rides will help maximize your recovery for medical bills, new equipment, lost income and pain and suffering.
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How Much Does It Cost?

I work on a contingency fee basis. This means my fee comes from the money I recover for you. You are not "charged" every time you want to call or email your attorney and I encourage frequent contact so I can better represent you. Having me on your side from the beginning of your case lets you focus on recovering from your injuries, knowing that every aspect of your bike accident is being handled by a professional, knowledgeable, compassionate attorney who has your best interest in mind.

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